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We have walks to suit every taste. Pick a walk from the information below then check the dates on the What's On When page.
Encounter walks
► Alan Turing, the Code Bre*ke>
► Leading Lights
► Walking In Wonderland < < NEW for 2021 !
Creative Arts
► Lewis Carroll
► Art & Artists
► Fake or Fortune
The Castle Keep
 Guildford Story 
The highlights of our colourful history: the castle and its royal visitors, an archbishop with a fishy past, the house that Lewis Carroll chose, Alan Turing growing up, ancient inns and underground shops. This walk has something for everyone.
The Angel Hotel
Abbot's Hospital
 Kings, Worthies & Scoundrels 
Who was a prisoner at Abbot's Hospital before their execution? Why was Billy the Whip so called? We tell you the stories of people who have left their mark on the town.
 Hidden Guildford 
A walk beyond the High Street to discover the less well-known stories of the town.
Statue at Holy Trinity Church
The Royal Oak
 Pubs and Inns 
The coaching inns and pubs were the heart of town life, as well as a welcome resting place for many famous visitors.
 Made in Guildford 
This walk tells how trade impacted the town and how we became the first location in Europe to have a purpose-built car factory.
Rodborough Buildings : the old Dennis Motors factory
Alice Through The Looking-Glass statue
 Lewis Carroll 
How did a shy mathematics tutor interest Queen Victoria and become a global phenomenon?
 Art and Artists 
How did the Guildford born painter, John Russell, become so celebrated? Who created the Surrey Scholar statue? This and much much more.
John Russell : self-portrait
The Three Pidgeons
 Fake or fortune 
All is not as it seems: this guided walk reveals some deceptive features in Guildford's historic buildings.
 George Abbot 
George Abbott, a Guildford schoolboy, rose to become a chief advisor to King James I. Plots and intrigue were daily events as he fought to protect both King James - and himself - from assassination.
George Abbot
An encounter with Yvonne Arnaud!
 Leading Lights 
Hold tight for an encounter with the creative heritage of the town. Authors, stage stars and celebrated artists feature in this tour. Hear of the triumphs, sorrows and scandals of these legendary names.
 Alan Turing, the Code Bre*ke> 
Alan frequently visited his family in Guildford whilst engaged in research and war work. See their houses and experience the drama unfolding.
Statue of Alan Turing at Surrey University
Walking In Wonderland
 Fascinating new walk for 2021! - Walking In Wonderland 
Myth and mystery surrounds the life and times of Lewis Carroll, the world renowned author of Alice in Wonderland - joining this walk reveals so much more about this astonishing man..
High Street medieval undercroft
 Medieval Guildford 
Travel back to a time when the town had a royal castle, but learn too of the lives of ordinary townfolk frightened by the plague.
 Georgian Guildford 
Not only is the age of elegance to be discovered on this walk featuring Jane Austen and other notables, but also an age of scandal and intrigue.
Holy Trinity Church
The old fire station and the Horse and Groom pub
 Victorian Guildford 
How the exciting developments of Victoria's reign affected the people and the town.
More walks: - special interests
A number of guides are interested in subjects outside of our main theme walks. We include a number of their special interest walks during the year. Look out for the Military History, Guildford Markets, Mount Cemetery, and a Festive Walk (just before Christmas) in our programme.