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Abbots Hospital

Our History

A town with a history of intrigue, achievement and discovery stretching back over 1000 years. Join one of our guided walks to learn about King John, Lewis Carroll, Alan Turing and many other celebrated people who knew the town well.

Our Walks

The  Guildford Story  is an eye-opening way to learn key events from the town's past; walk in the footsteps of earlier townsfolk; see their buildings, hear their stories.
For an in-depth and fascinating view, join one of our 10  Themed Walks , each led by an expert guide.
For a different experience why not try an  Encounter Walk  - currently there are 3 - but be prepared for surprises and close encounters, bringing history alive.

Group at Guildford Castle Keep

COVID 19 Precautions:-
Our walks are mostly out doors, and only occasionally is it possible to go inside a church or other building. In these circumstances, we recommend that social distancing is maintained in confined spaces, but wearing a face covering is optional. If official guidance changes before a walk takes place, we will revise the infection precautions accordingly. You will find an update of the precautions for each walk on the booking site which will open 20 days or so before the walk.