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Alan Turing, the Code Bre*ke>

Alan Turing is widely regarded as the father of modern computing. He also made a highly significant contribution to code-breaking during the Second World War. Despite these achievements, he was later prosecuted for homosexual behaviour and committed suicide at the age of 41. 60 years later, he received a Royal Pardon and is now considered a national hero.
Guildford was the family home of Alan Turing. He lived here as boy and young man and then regularly visited the Town to see his family throughout the rest of his life.

Description: Encounter walk
► The walk starts outside G Live and finishes at Tunsgate Arch. This walk is about 2 miles long as it goes along London Road to Stoke Park, and then returns back into the town centre. There are some steep slopes on the Encounter walk which are not suitable for those with limited mobility.*

Meeting place:
► Cedar Installation just outside the main door of G Live.

► Three times per year.
Souvenir booklet: Alan Turing - Guildford's best kept secret
A fully-illustrated publication telling the stories and highlighting the locations associated with Alan Turing and his time in Guildford has been published. It talks about the man behind the genius and why Guildford was such an important part of his relatively short life.

Author and Town Guide, Paul Backhouse, has lived in Guildford for 25 years. Following extensive research, including interviews with the Turing family members and access to various archives, Paul developed a new walking tour around Guildford. The walk proved very popular since its launch year of 2015 and further Turing-related walks are planned for the future.

The publication is available to purchase from the Guildford Museum or the Guildford Tourist Information Centre.